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Information Technology Services is a central repository for listing all hosts currently restricted from using Cal Poly network resources. All currently blocked hosts have been blocked in accordance with Section D.3 of the Cal Poly Responsible Use Policy.

To search the list to see if you have been blocked:
1. Select Edit > Find
2. Run a search for your MAC address if it is a personal computer or IP address if it is an e-mail server.

Note: If you do not know how get your MAC address, click here.

If you have been placed on this list and you would like more information on why or how to get removed, please email or contact the service desk. If you are not affiliated with Cal Poly, please call our Service Desk at 805-756-7000 for more information. The list below is built dynamically; please be patient while it loads.

  Network Administration
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Phone: (805) 756-1295
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